Reimagine the future workplace experience.

Compass Group brings you the latest technology in workplace hospitality.

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It's time to create a more innovative workplace:

  • Do you have the relevant and actionable data you need to operate efficiently and confidently? 

  • Are your services and technology connected in one easy-to-use dashboard?

  • Are you able to communicate consistently in real-time to building end-users?

Elevate the Workplace Experience

360 offers solutions in five key areas that integrate seamlessly with any existing system.
From smart scheduling software to mobile food ordering services, we've got you covered.
Whether you need all of 360's solutions or just one, our team can recommend the right combinations to
provide the optimum workplace experience.

Enter with Confidence

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  • Digital temperature scanning
  • Virtual concierge
  • Digital wayfinding


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  • Book a desk via personal device
  • Real-time space availability options
  • Trigger facility services between uses


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  • Integrates with digital signage
  • Intuitive services to maintain space
  • Services based on real-time usage data


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  • Seamless meeting experiences
  • Touchless meeting controls
  • Live and on-demand tech support

Elevated Food
and Beverage

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  • Contactless order and pay
  • Automated pickup and delivery options
  • Controlled dining spaces

Companies shouldn't have to choose between quality and efficiency — you deserve both.

It's time to reimagine your operations.

Here's the plan:


1. Schedule an Assessment

We'll assess your current system to understand what tools and processes you already have in place, and then we'll provide you with a strategy and budget for accomplishing your priorities.


2. Pilot Your Customized Strategy

Based on priorities identified during the assessment phase, we'll pilot your integrated technology solutions in one location by aligning existing software platforms, rolling out operational changes, optimizing services and evaluating results.


3. Deploy at Scale

Armed with the results of your pilot, we'll deploy your customized solution at scale while monitoring for data accuracy, evolving needs and workforce sentiment.

Wave Goodbye to Complexity

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Flexible Technology

Seamlessly integrate new workplace technology to your existing systems so you don't have to start from scratch.

Investor analyzing stock market investments with financial dashboard, business intelligence (BI), and key performance indicators (KPI) on smartphone and computer screens

No More Guesswork

Using helpful data and analytics over time, we’ll suggest strategic changes that save you time and lower overhead expenses.

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No More Juggling

Our portfolio of solutions connects multiple data sources and provides a single point of contact to make building management easy.

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One Tool for All

Our easy-to-use dashboard collects data and user feedback while our workplace experience app connects users to the services they need.

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Intuitive Spaces

Air quality and space utilization sensors trigger services that provide a safer, cleaner workplace.

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We Do It All for You

We’re your technology consultant, designer, project manager, food provider, concierge, conference center manager, janitor, AV operator and data analyst.

We make work easy for you.

360 empowers companies with the real-time data you need to create a more efficient and sustainable facility operation, as well as the services you need to elevate the workplace experience for your guests. Whether you need all of 360's solutions or just one, our team can recommend the right combination of technologies and services to provide the optimum workplace experience.

Are you ready to join the future of workplace hospitality?

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