5 Ways An Intelligent Workplace Can Advance The Office

Creating an intelligent workplace doesn’t mean you need to be the first to implement the latest technology in your office or make drastic changes to your workforce. All it takes to have a high-functioning, high-performing intelligent workplace is streamlining your current systems and enhancing those systems when possible. Using unified communications and subtle but significant management and system upgrades can help your team function more smoothly, more effectively, and more intelligently. 

Let Your Data Work For You

Every organization and business has data and analytics about its functionality, progress, and performance. Unfortunately, a lot of that data is ignored or misused. When your business has the ability to fully comprehend the numbers behind their efforts, you’ll be able to make better decisions for the future of your staff and your business. 360 Work Made Easy offers services that allow you to tap into your data, understand how to interpret it, and enjoy a more intelligent workplace as a result.

Choose Flexible Technology

an intelligent workplace providing accessible data analytics on smart phone

Every business wants to have access to the best new technology, but accessing that tech can be intimidating. Organizations that have been using the same technology systems for years can have a particularly hard time making the jump to a new system, even if that system has the potential to provide you with a more intelligent workplace. Don’t miss out on the convenience and accuracy of new technology just because the initial process is difficult.

Instead, take advantage of 360’s ability to seamlessly integrate new technology systems with the ones that already work for you. Unified communications are more important now than ever before, and picking a technology system that allows at-home and in-office employees to communicate more easily can be a gamechanger.

Make Your Meetings Smarter

We’ve all wasted time in unproductive meetings, but those meetings don’t have to be the norm. 360 can help you implement a technology system that will make your meetings smarter meetings and a more intelligent workplace. This technology makes it possible to smoothly blend both the in-person and at-home employee experience, all while using touchless meeting controls.

You’ll also be fully supported by a live and on-demand tech support team, so you won’t have to worry about unexpected interruptions to your meetings. This meeting technology can also provide smart scheduling options, which means you’ll be scheduling rooms and locations that are right for you based on your own workplace data.

Keep Your Space Clean

When you think of an intelligent workplace, cleanliness might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, a clean, hygienic workplace is essential to productivity, and technology can make that standard easier than ever to achieve. 360 Work Made Easy offers office hygiene technology that will make sure everyone in the building is breathing clean air, staying healthy, and feeling confident in their workplace. This technology can integrate with digital signage, offer services based on real-time usage data, and more. Your office will never feel cleaner or more conducive to exceptional work.

Streamline Snack Time

example of intelligent workplace with food ordering

Eating is a part of any office or workplace; offering healthy food and relaxing lunch breaks is one of the best ways to improve office morale and maintain a satisfied employee base. You can elevate this experience by providing contactless order and pay methods, automated pickup and delivery, and controlled dining spaces through 360’s services.

These controlled dining spaces will ensure that no one feels crowded or forced to eat in an uncomfortable environment. We think you’ll find that by making eating a more intuitive part of the workplace, productivity and satisfaction will naturally increase.

What Makes it All Work?

The “aha” of 360 isn’t some novel technology that didn’t exist before; it’s the deliberate intention of working across services in an integrated manner to deliver a holistic solution that addresses the many friction points of any user’s journey. Any facility manager could replicate what we’ve done, but it does require a broad cross-section of skills and subject-matter experts across multiple disciplines.

The pandemic put into clear relief the importance of unified communication platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Webex to keep organizations functional when coworkers are remote. If a facility manager lacks the IT and AV skills to deliver a workplace collaboration plan that mimics the best aspects of remote work (i.e. simplicity of connection), then friction points within the workplace may drive employees right back home where the tech setup is simpler and more reliable.

Instead of struggling with these friction points, consider a one-stop-shop that can smooth any snags in your workplace and improve your tech abilities at the same time. 360 Work Made Easy offers professional assessments that will take a comprehensive look at your workplace and come up with a customized plan on how you can make an intelligent workplace that makes work faster, easier, and more satisfying.