Covid Cleaning Services for Businesses to Keep Members Safe

No one likes a dirty workplace, but while COVID-19 is still a variable in our everyday lives, keeping your workspace clean is more important than ever. By implementing some simple cleaning precautions, you’ll have a more hygienic office and happier, healthier workmates. Covid cleaning services for businesses are vital as people return to work, and with 360 Work Made Easy at your side, it will be easier than you think.

How is Covid Spread?

By now, everyone has a general idea of how Covid is spread—the primary risk of infection comes from spending time in close proximity with someone who has Covid. Germs are easily spread in tiny droplets that come from uncovered coughing, speaking, laughing, singing, etc. However, this is not the only way that people can come into contact with Covid!

According to the CDC, viable COVID-19 germs can be found on non-porous surfaces like plastic, glass, and metal for anywhere from days to weeks. The average workspace has plenty of non-porous surfaces, and many of them—like keyboards, phones, doorknobs, and more—are used all day every day! This might seem intimidating, but the good news is that non-porous surfaces are much easier to clean and disinfect than their porous counterparts (porous surfaces, luckily, are much less likely to contain viable COVID germs). 

Even if the majority of your office mates are working from home, or you encourage employees not to come to work if they have any symptoms of illness, cleaning is important. Remember that roughly 30% – 40% of all COVID-19 carriers are asymptomatic, which means they feel completely healthy even while they unknowingly spread germs. It’s a good idea to assume that there’s always a possibility that Covid germs could have access to your workspace, and to clean it accordingly. 

What are the Most Effective Ways to Clean for COVID?

Covid Cleaning Services for Businesses

To be as thorough as possible, it’s important to have cleaning guidelines to adhere to. Keep the following in mind as you come up with a plan that works for your workspace:

Focus on High-Traffic Areas

Whenever possible, you should clean the entirety of your office thoroughly. However, make pay particular attention to areas that people touch or interact with frequently, such as the following: 

  • Computer keyboards and mice.
  • Office phones.
  • Doorknobs throughout the office, including bathrooms, breakrooms, etc.
  • Light switches.
  • Faucet handles.
  • Elevator buttons.
  • Cafeteria or break room equipment and other public materials.

All of these places naturally accumulate germs, and those germs tend to come from multiple sources, increasing the risk that some of them might be dangerous. By taking care to clean these places thoroughly, you can dramatically decrease the risk of infection.

Use the Right Materials

There are so many different cleaning solutions and labels these days that it can be difficult to know which cleaning agents are best to use. Rather than buying a cleaner on impulse or because of the way it smells, it’s worthwhile to do a little research first. If you’re interested in a cleaner that will specifically target Covid, consider checking out the EPA’s list of products that have been proven to be effective against COVID-19 germs.

Another key element of thorough cleaning is simply following the directions on the label. Every cleaning agent is a little different, and the only way to be sure you’re using them to their full potential is to carefully read and follow the directions. Some cleaners need to be diluted, others might need to be left in place for several hours, and so on.

Take Advantage of Resources

There are all kinds of products and COVID cleaning services for businesses available to help you and your employees stay COVID-free. Some of these are straightforward, like cleaning services that specialize in sanitizing surfaces and keeping your office space neat. It can be a relief to know that professionals have taken charge of the cleaning needs in your office, and you don’t have to worry about double-checking your cleaning materials, PPEs, etc.

Others companies, like 360 Work Made Easy, take a more holistic approach. If you’re interested in more comprehensive changes that focus on overall office technology and functionality rather than strictly cleanliness, companies like 360 can be a great resource. With this level of office technology, you can expect to maximize the potential of your workspace, keep your airflow clean, and limit the number of people in a room without impacting productivity. 

A Covid-Free Office is More Attainable than Ever

We are constantly learning more about how COVID works and how to combat it with COVID cleaning services for businesses. With the many resources available today, having a healthy, happy, and COVID-free office is a very attainable goal. By staying current on information about COVID, cleaning regularly, and taking advantage of resources, you, your coworkers, and your employees will be able to feel safe and healthy at work.