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Your employees need modern systems and processes that can adapt as needs change. Many organizations are developing new practices and updating their spaces to improve their guests’ safety and comfort. Room occupancy monitoring to accommodate social distancing, updating ventilating systems for improved air quality, more frequent, rigorous cleaning schedules to prevent the spread of germs, and convenient mobile food and beverage ordering to name a few.

With 360, we provide you with the agile technology and services needed to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your end-users, supported by one easy-to-use dashboard to manage it all.

So, Why Choose 360?

video of holistic workplace using room occupancy monitoring
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Virtual concierge, associate/guest check-in, and building information signage allow your end-users to enter with ease and confidence.

People-counting sensors, air quality sensors, and a desk/room booking app allow you to accurately monitor people density and air quality.

A simple approach to hybrid work with touchless meeting options, and virtual tech support allows your guests to collaborate easily throughout the day.

Mobile food ordering, contactless delivery, and the ability for employees to check cafe occupancy without leaving their desks provide an elevated food and beverage experience.

People-counters, a scheduling platform, and digital signage can all be connected to provide an enhanced on-demand cleaning solution for your workplace.

See employee trends, optimize your real estate, and operate safely with insightful workplace analytics.

Not sure which solutions are best for you?

As part of our initial assessment, we will work with you to determine the right combination of 360 solutions to bring your workplace experience to the next level.

Intuitive Wayfinding

Whether it is for temperature scanning, accessing a virtual
concierge, digital signage, room availability markers, or a
dashboard for simple building navigation, 360 is committed
to providing intuitive wayfinding that makes the guest and
employee experience easy.

Integrated Cleaning

Room scheduling and maintenance should be hassle-free.
360 keeps safety and efficiency as the priority with the ability
to request work orders from personal devices and automatic
updates for digital signage, room availability markers, and
management dashboards. Navigating meeting calendars
with cleaning schedules has never been easier.

Contactless Food & Beverage Options

While prioritizing safety, we offer diverse food and beverage experiences including contactless ordering and payment with real-time alerts for pickup and delivery options, in addition to controlled dining spaces.

Mobile Room Scheduling

A commitment to eliminating complexity drives our mobile room
scheduling resource. Save time by booking rooms from your
desktop or mobile device. A people-counting sensor helps manage
room capacity, and automatic notifications help the janitorial
team stay on top of resetting the rooms after the meeting.

Smart Meeting Rooms

Technology that works helps keep efficiency at a high
level. Smart meeting rooms designed for local and web-based
participants. Touchless meeting controls, automated check-ins,
and checkouts, with motion sensors and room occupancy monitoring,
help create a safe and seamless experience.

We’ve got your back.

As new workplace needs arise, you should be able to adapt with ease and confidence. With 360's portfolio of technology and service solutions, you can.